Culture Colony Quarterly magazine (CCQ) offers an independent perspective on the arts across a wide range of disciplines, genres and practice.

The magazine grew out of the on line community of artists and creative organisations at Emma Geliot - CCQ Editor

Emma grew up in the arts and has been immersed in the arts scene in Wales since graduating as an artist in 1985. Since then she has run arts projects and programmes; organised festivals and exhibitions; written books; commissioned artworks and provided a strategic overview for the visual arts at the Arts Council of Wales.

As founder of CCQ, Emma has combined her twin passions for the arts and print to launch this internationally-facing platform for the arts in Wales.

Ric Bower - Deputy Editor

Ric Bower - Deputy Editor

Ric is an award winning photographer and panel member for the National Photographic Portrait commission (a partnership between Amgueddfa Cymru and the National Portrait Gallery). He is also a visiting lecturer in photography for various Higher Education institutions in Wales.

The founding editor of blown Magazine the international arts, fashion and music magazine Ric has acted as a publishing consultant for a number of universities and colleges specialising in the arts.

Pete Telfer Culture Colony

Peter Telfer - Culture Colony, photo copyright Keith Morris

Pete is an extraordinary film maker, whose mission has been to connect and document the arts scene in Wales. He founded Culture Colony Y Wladfa Newydd as a space for sharing and developing ideas for the creative community in Wales and, through his television company Pixel Foundry, has made films for mainstream television, for a wide variety of clients and, of course for

Pete s unwavering commitment to providing platforms for the arts and arts community has helped him create a vast network of supporters and earned him wide professional respect.