The Christ of Agony (a passion) is a new composition by Ynyr Pritchard, performed by the composer on and around the durational work by Annea Lockwood ‘Piano Drowning’, permanently installed at Plas Bodfa on Anglesey in north Wales. Building upon his previous work ‘Boddi’ (performed on the newly drowned piano one year ago), Ynyr Pritchard performed his entirely new composition along with the drowned piano, which has spent a full year immersed in the pond. Using the structure of the Passion of Christ, along with a ruler, speakers, a bicycle tyre inner tube, two brushes, a piece of plastic sheeting and a large piece of white cloth, Pritchard explores issues of climate change, war, protest and the inevitable passage of time. Piano Drowning is one of three scores from Annea Lockwood’s ‘Piano Transplants’ series in which pianos are placed in specific locations that would somehow alter their physical states. It was installed in 2021 through a collaboration with Soundlands UK, Issue Project Space in New York and Annea Lockwood herself. For full info about the ongoing project please visit: https://www.plasbodfa.com/piano-drowning