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Metamorffosis Festival is part of the research project “Re-inventing the live event”, led by Dr Sarah Pogoda (Bangor University) and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

More Information: http://re-inventing-live-events.bangor.ac.uk/index.php.en

Thank you to all participating artists at Metamorffosis festival (in alphabetical order)

Samina Ali

Martín Bakero

Abi Beath

Rhona Bowey

Anamaría Briede

The Golden Buoy

Fiona Cameron

Crone Cast

Lindsey Colbourne (Heledd Wen)

Claire Cox

Clash of the Twang

Benjamin Cusden

Felipe Cussen

Janet Ruth Davies

Paul Davis

Natasha Dawkes

Seran Dolma

Wanda Garner

Caroline Goodwin

Martín Gubbins

Hap a Damwain

Doryn Herbst

Alan Holmes

Kath Hopewell

Lisa Hudson

Robat Idris

Hopewell Ink

Huw Jones

Emily Meilleur

Jodie Mellor

Iona Morrison

Jo Munton

NWK – Celf Newydd Cymru

Luis David Palacios

Plas Bodfa Projects

Anna Powell

Steph Shipley

Zoë Skoulding

Pía Sommer


Ed Straw

Rhys Trimble

Ian Turner

Utopias Bach

Sarah Juliet Walsh

Lucy Warren

Dylan Williams

Edward Wright

Bethan Rose Young

Wanda Zyborska


Lindsey Colbourne

Huw Jones

Sarah Pogoda

Ed Straw


Culture Colony

Rufina Kaloyanova

Sarah Pogoda


Rufina Kaloyanova


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