Pete vision mixing Jennifer Taylor's performance 'Exolaris' for a live broadcast from Foundations Gallery in London.

The Covid 19 pandemic, and the lockdown’s that resulted in the effort to protect the public from infection, brought people to their desktops and laptops to meet and communicate in ways they hadn’t done at that scale before. Audiences were also unable to visit galleries or attend theatres, so as people were discovering more use from their computers, they used them to find new art experiences and even to participate in art events.

Culture Colony has a live outside broadcasting facility and a studio to record or livestream events and performances.

Live broadcasting includes performance, concerts and theatre, festivals – discussions and presentations, and also presenter led studio broadcasts with remote guests contributing from all over the world.

As venues and arts organisations look for ways to maintain contact with their audiences – and as audiences may be nervous about attending events with large numbers of people (or events are held in spaces with smaller audience capacity) as Covid infection rates remain high – we suggest that event organisers contact us to discuss ways of creating new live experiences, with potentially live audience participation, taking advantage of the service Culture Colony provides.

Hollie travelling light with the kit we use for multi camera livestreaming.

Mike Parker arriving with his 'props' at our 'Top Floor Studio' in Machynlleth to broadcast one of his series of 8 programmes, 'Season Salon', and Dan at the controls broadcasting live from Culture Colony HQ (yes it was a bit cold that night).

Mike chats to his guests Manon Steffan Ross and Simon Moreton during the live broadcast of one of the programmes in the series 'Season Salon'.

Vanley Burke and Emyr Young taking questions from the audience at 'The Eye International Photography Festival' broadcast live by Culture Colony.

A Q&A session at The Eye International Photography Festival 2021 with Nicola Muirhead

Twm Morys during the first Amdani, Fachynlleth! travel literature festival.


Vitali Vitaliev talks about his books and how to drink vodka properly at the Amdani, Fachynlleth! festival.