Creative practice can be a lonely pursuit and creative people can find themselves at a loss to figure out how to develop their practice and grow, how to meet other creatives and how to foster the potential for opportunities, developing relationships that are mutually benefitial to individual careers. We intend for these pages of the web site to be used as a resource and as a place for making those important links. Culture Colony Connected is a place for independent, artist run, projects, organisations and ideas to share experiences and know how, to work together and provide a network of creative opportunity to benefit us all.

Culture Colony Connected is a loose association of artists and artist run organisations. Currently, on these pages, we're bringing together artists, arts collectives and creative business' under the themes of 'Residencies', 'Festivals' and 'Film Makers'. We will add more themes as the connections grow.

There is a group of artist run residencies and spaces that have come together here on this web site to foster collaboration and shared projects. Experimantal music has a passionate and engaged following and a number of festivals already exist. Now you can find them here all in one place. We're also including the Amdani, Fachynlleth! festival here as well, not a music festival but a travel writing literature festival. Culture Colony sponsors the live broadcasts, so they have a place here on CCC as well. And then we have the film makers. We're very lucky to have a pool of talent that we can dip into to make our films for this web site, other film makers and sound recordists who share their skills. You will also find these artists here on CCC. And this is just the beginning, we will introduce new categories as this idea grows.