Spike Dennis, Findings on Ice

Spike Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist who examines our digitally inter-connected society, often using the medium of embroidery to do so. This TestBed exhibition comprises new work by the artist that has resulted from his foray into creating embroideries in ice. This material shift in his practice presents a new time-based element to the work which is viewed either in a state of decay or else very precariously balanced on the brink of decline.



Our lives in the city are in many ways defined by the spaces created within it. Open, confined, oppressive, tranquil, imposing or liberating. As air flows through the spaces constructed in the city, so society drifts through concrete tributaries cut in deep structural valleys and swirls in the openness of public space. Our lives, routines and daily cognition connecting through the city as a viscose entity. Paths, structures, emotions and desires touched and shaped by the disruption of flow and rhythm focused by architectural space.



For Piecework, the fifth exhibition in Oriel Wrecsam’s PERICLO series, James Ackerley will present an installation as a twisted yet refined paradigm of his studio.



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