2 years. We get this. Covid-19 made us understand two years. 20 years. We still get 20 years. We see decades passing when looking at our children growing up, trees in the garden getting taller and taller, our hair greyer and greyer. 200 years. Here, the challenge start. We cannot experience 200 years with our own life. If we are lucky, we can experience a half-life of 200 years. 2000 years? 20.000 years? What is time? Why do we think of time in terms of movement? It is running, passing, flowing – or standing still. The durational performance “Hirbarhad” (Welsh for: long life, endurance) will explore how we can relate to 20.000 years and more, how decades, centuries, milleniums, decamilleniums inform our lives, our behaviours our sense of space. This durational performance is part of the exhibition “This Buoy‘s Life:2” in the White Box in Pontio (27.1.-3.2.2022).