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Our work explores the space between what exists and what is possible. Within this liminal space we create objects and situations that lead our audience on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an other way of being. We ask participants in our work to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a larger global situation. We are interested in arts potential to act as a catalyst for social and political transformation. At the heart of our work is the pursuit of an ideal and the question - is it possible for Art, and more particularly our practice to provide practical, aesthetic and poetic solutions to social political and environmental problems?


Our work crosses between the gallery space and the public realm; we use installations, social sculptures, and public performances as tools to open up a space where the possible and the actual come together. Here we can collectively begin to question the limits of society and imagine a better world. We believe that through experiencing something even for a moment can start a powerful process of change


We work in response to specific sites and communities drawing on an environment and its people to form the work. We employ a strong aesthetic language that keys into the popular imaginary as useful and effective communication tools from which a complex discourse unfolds, crossing boundaries both geographical, social and metaphorical. Through the playful nature of the work and engagement with of the process participants become involved in events and situations that open up discussion around subjects like the pursuit of happiness, open boarders, and the nature of belief. Our aim has been and is to exploit the power of this aesthetic language to its full potential as a catalyst for change in both localised communities and on a wider global scale.

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