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Light Ladd Emberton are thrilled to announce that their newest production has gone live - a short film called amser / time, commissioned by the BBC and One Dance UK for #DancePassion. Filmed by Culture Colony, directed by Deborah Light.


Moving through time along Bae Ceredigion/Cardigan Bay, we arrive at today's climate crisis.

Sarn Gynfelyn is revealed every low tide and looks like a road into the sea. In fact, it is a glacial moraine laid down 20,000 years ago when ice sheets melted, and it marks the beginning of the global conditions that have enabled human expansion.

At Borth, a 6,000 year old forest flourished for a few thousand years. Submerged by the sea, it has since been re-exposed in recent storms. Sarn Gynfelyn and Borth’s forest are both cited as supporting the Cantre'r Gwaelod legend of lost fertile lands in Cardigan Bay, but the geology tells a different story.

Moving forwards, we arrive at Fairbourne, a seaside town built on saltmarsh and English industrial wealth. It is now set to become the first UK town to be decommissioned due to sea level rise. It will be demolished and returned to salt marsh and will have existed for less than 200 years.

In the intertidal zone, between land and sea, three people move, with arresting visual imagery through these three remarkable sites.

Created by Light / Ladd / Emberton, in collaboration with Culture Colony, accompanied by an original soundscore by Sion Orgon. Produced by Laura H Drane; performed by Eddie Ladd, Deborah Light, Jake Nwogu. With thanks to Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government.


Throughout February and March 2022, BBC Arts and One Dance UK present #DancePassion, a landmark celebration of the world-class dance that happens across the UK. Now in its second edition, Dance Passion shines a light on the country’s unique creativity and innovative approach to choreography and performance. Throughout the celebration, BBC Arts and One Dance UK websites and social media channels will present exclusive previews and clips from the series, as well as other examples of excellence from across the dance sector. Follow the hashtag #DancePassion on social media to see more exclusive content, and find other ways you can get involved.

Light Ladd Emberton’s short film amser / time is being premiered as part of #DancePassion 2022. Excerpts of their award-winning show CAITLIN are still on iPlayer, filmed by the BBC on location in Cardiff as part of the first Dance Passion in 2019. 

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Photos by Laura Drane.