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We are pleased to see a photo Pete took of the artist Arthur Giardelli (1911 - 2009) on the cover of the current CASW (Contemporary Art Society for Wales) newsletter.

The photo was taken on the beach near the artists home in Pembrokeshire where he collected shells and other objects to make his artworks. Culture Colony was asked by CASW to record an interview with Arthur in 2006, the artists 95th year. The interviewer was David Moore. The conversation they had about Arthurs life and work can be seen by clicking HERE

Painter and sculptor Arthur Giardelli talked with David Moore from his home in Pembrokeshire about his life and the influences on his work. The film shows Arthur at work on his sculptural reliefs and includes his comments about the art that surrounds him and the inspiration that he gains from living near the sea.

In 1940 Arthur moved to Merthyr from Folkestone to teach in an evacuated school. There he met the artist Cedric Morris who taught him to paint in oils and he later became a lecturer in art and music at the University in Aberystwyth. He was a founder member of 56 Group Wales and arranged exhibitions of their work in Europe. He travelled widely with his wife, Bim, and established friendships with David Jones, Ceri Richards, Josef Herman and Heinz Koppel.

Arthur finds sea shells on the sea shore. It was quite a surreal experience to be with Arthur on the beach, a very fit and agile man for someone aged 95, because just a little way down the road is a military zone for tank excersises. The sounds of shelling and bombardment were a million miles from the peace and tranquility of being with Arthur on this wonderful beach with wonderful red pebbles.

Pete asked Arthur if he could photograph him at a distance using a telephoto lens. No sooner had he been asked and Arthur was off, at quite a pace, and we watched him, far in the distance, jumping over (and often into) puddles left by the retreating tide.

Arthur Giardelli an important artist and wonderful human being!

Arthurs obituary in the Guardian newspaper can be found by clicking HERE