Video Production for the Arts and Environmental Sectors

Our background at Culture Colony is in the production of programmes and series' for television. We now create content exclusively for the arts and environmental sectors for use mainly online.

Video grab of Jennifer Taylor's performance 'Exolaris'. Culture Colony provided the multi-camera live broadcast from the Freelands Foundation gallery in London. Click here.

Pete Telfer, the founder of Culture Colony, goes back a long way. He has made over 70 documentaries and countless 'items' that have been broadcast on television, and he was one of the very first 'self shooter's' making programmes. Initially, in the 1990's, he made progammes for BBC Wales before going freelance to make programmes for many independent production companies. In 2004 he co-founded the television production company Pixel Foundry, making programmes and series', fiming around the world, for BBC Wales, S4C, ITV 1 Wales, BBC 4 and C4. In 2010 he transitioned Pixel Foundry into Culture Colony to focus on making affordable online content for the creative community. Since then Culture Colony has also included working for the environmental sector as a focus for the company.

It is this wealth of experience from Pete's background that informs Culture Colony's film making and maintains a high standard of production. By today the content we create at Culture Colony is also made by exciting emerging film makers, both as staff and freelance, keeping our output fresh and contemporary. We offer our clients a complete package and provide services from initial ideas all the way through the production and post-production stages to deliver films we are all proud to show. And, not forgetting their purpose, these films tell a story and inform an audience to give them the desired experience.

Deborah Light and Eddie Ladd checking the monitor after filming to see how their performance works if the image is upside down.

Culture Colony will work with you on your project to make the film you want or to record your work as you want it to be seen. We work with creative people all of the time and understand that your needs might divert from a more traditional way of film making. This is a journey we make together to tell your story.

Pete working with poet Sophie MacKeand - yes, it's always a good thing to put poets in rivers (Photo - Andy Garside)

Film making is not cheap, and the equipment we use to get the best results possible is expensive. However, it is well known throughout the cultural sector that we provide high value services at affordable fee's - so regardless of the size of your budget, please feel free to come to us to discuss your ideas and together we will work something out. We like to see things happen.  

Our services range from helping with scripts and scheduling the shoot all the way through the filming process and editing to final delivery. The content we create with our clients can be shown on any platform of their choice as well as here on the Culture Colony web site. This content then joins all of the other content we've created and takes its place in a growing archive of art, artists and their working process'.

We love our kit* because it gives us so many options to create the films our clients need. We shoot in 4K or HD and have several cameras giving us multi-camera options for our shoots (we also have several 360' cameras including 8K). We have 'grip' equipment such as jib's, tracks, dollies, slider, cable cam and other lovely things to give your films that subtle something that takes it a stage further. Then there's lighting, sound recording, and we can even film underwater - so, whatever the job, if it's creative we want to make it with you.

Video grab from Jennifer Taylor's performance and installation at Y Lle Celf in Y Senedd. Click here.

Not an avarage every day service, but Pete can help inflate your bubble if needed.

We have a small studio at our HQ in Machynlleth and this can be used to broadcast live and record 'as live' multi camera events. So, whatever your needs, even if it's just the germ of an idea, get in touch and let's get the ball rolling.

* Please note - our lovely kit is only available to hire for Culture Colony projects.