Culture Colony offers a comprehensive video production service for our clients.

We have a wealth of experience, from decades of film making and story telling, that underpins this service we offer. And, combined with up to date high quality equipment, we deliver beautiful films to inform and entertain that audiences will want to watch.

Lowri filming Light, Ladd, Emberton for the BBC programme Dance Passion

And, did we mention that this service is available and adaptable to most budgets?

Culture Colony works with you to develop your ideas, or documentation needs, into an affordable filming process. So, regardless of budget, or what stage of development your idea is at, get in touch and lets have a chat about what we can offer and how we can realise your ideas in the most appropriate and creative ways.

Preparing to dismantle and remove for restoration, items from a state bed at the National Trust's property, Erddig.

Video grab from the performance Homo Irrationalis at Chapter in Cardiff 2015

What can we provide?

We offer a complete beginning to end film making service - giving you the benefit of our experience to help you evolve your ideas into finished films.

Initially you might like to just simply chat informally about your project to discuss all the options open to you. This can be done in person here at our studio* or we can visit you*. If an in person visit is not possible we can still start the process off just as easily via a video conferencing call (such as Zoom) or simply just a regular phone call. There is no pressure on our potential collaborators/clients to take our advice or commit to using our services at this stage. Indeed, there's no expectation at all, it's fun to discuss ideas and their potential, it costs nothing to just chat. But it is exciting to think about what might happen next.

If the idea or project is pretty solid and the client knows the desired outcomes then we can move straight into planning a shoot and discussing the budget. Don't assume anything about the budget that you can commit to the filming - we are very adaptable and maybe we can bring something to the table to get the budget over the line and make the filming possible**. We like to think that we make our films with our clients rather than for our clients, so we often share costs and subsidise some films ourselves.

We are often asked to document artworks and we like to do this by following the creative process behind the artwork - telling a compelling story that both entertains and informs your audience. We also straightforwardly document exhibitions and performances, discussions and lectures, using a single camera or many cameras, live or recorded. How we film your project will be among the options we discuss with you at the start of this process. But, even when the shoot is underway, situations change, minds change, other possibilities open up. We are adaptable and can accommodate change and development throughout the process.

Pete and Felix operating our mini jib on Borth Beach filming a dance piece by Light, Ladd and Emberton (photo by Laura Drane).

The next part of the process is just as important as the filming itself, the editing...

The full film making service includes editing, often overlooked when clients are working out their budgets. It's a good rule of thumb to allow two days of editing for every day filming. And, if it's a stage performance recorded on several cameras, the rule of thumb might be a day editing for every 25min of performance. A discussion recorded on several cameras could be a day editing for an hour of discussion.

Whatever the complexities with filming or editing we will stick to the budget we agree with you at the outset. We promise you no financial surprises down the line.

Rob Key operating his camera and gimbal on Borth Beach during the Light, Ladd and Emberton dance shoot.

Two priests at a crossroads in New Jersey, New York, USA. Filmed for a tv series, shown on S4C, following the Orthodox Priest Tad Deiniol as he visits Orthadox communities and countries around the world.

Our production team consists of both staff and freelance film makers so that we can adapt the crew for the specific requirements of the shoot.

Culture Colony has four HD cameras (two of which can shoot 4K), two 4K DSLRs, and a few 'action cameras'. So, multi camera shoots of theatrical performances, gigs and concerts are possible as well. We have several 360 cameras - see our '360 tours and films' service for more information.

We have a well equipped 'grip' and can provide jib, slider, tracks, gimbal, cable cam, underwater housing... to help create that 'extra something' that turns good shots into brilliant shots.

We are self contained with lighting options whether it's a single lamp to loads of lights...

And, never forget sound... we have several microphones and boom together with five sets of radio mic's a portable recorder and a portable mixer.

Nick Capaldi shown while in discussion with Phil George, ACW Chair. Filmed by Culture Colony to be part of the celebration of Nicks achievements at the Arts Council of Wales at the time of his stepping down from his post as Chief Executive after 13 years in the role.

Andy Fairweather Low at Rockfield Studios.

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Sadie Morningstar filmed while recording at Rockfield Studios with 'The Mudd Club'.

'Slow Whistler' a project for the National Trust to film close up detail of the Whistler mural in Plas Newydd, Anglesey. The camera was put on tracks and moved very slowly accross the entire painting. The resulting film was put to a soundtrack and lasts over half an hour.

Members of the Penrhyn Quarry Male Voice Choir carry an inflatable representation of their quarry, by the artists Walker and Bromwich, through the streets of Bethesda in North Wales.

* covid regulations will apply if in place. The Culture Colony team take regular Lateral Flow tests and will do so before anyone visits the offices and studio. We also ask any visitors to take a Covid Lateral Flow test before visiting us. Similarly, if we visit you we will test beforehand and expect that you will also test in advance of our arrival.

** some terms and conditions may apply to the low and no budget films we make. Please get in touch and we'll be happy to send them to you for you to look over.