Folded Forest: Sky on High to Burrow Below

Limited edition prints, homewares and textiles by Folded Forest, the creative partnership of Ruth Viqueira and Sarah Peel, screen-printed in their West Yorkshire studio.

S Mark Gubb: The Last Judgement

Taking Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting of the same name as a starting point and reference, the exhibition includes a range of new and existing sculptural works exhibited as an installation.

Derek Boshier: It's only when the tide goes out… Selected works and ephemera, 1976 - 2018

An exhibition of drawings, paintings, prints and videos, along with lesser-known photographic and sculptural works and ephemera from the personal collection of English pop artist Derek Boshier who first came to prominence as part of the British Pop Art movement in the early 1960s.

Containing works from the last four decades of the artist's career, presented here is a never before seen portrait of an artist whose own work he has described as "art that's political, not political art".

Sui Generis - the Possibilities of a House

66 projects from 62 creatives fill the entirety of Plas Bodfa, a currently empty manor house in Llangoed on the Isle of Anglesey. This remarkably multi-disciplinary group art exhibition explores the idea of ‘sui generis’, a Latin phrase meaning "of its (his, her, their) own kind; in a class by itself; unique”. It has been adopted by the legal profession for unusual buildings, properties that fall outside normal designation.

Angela Maddock: Sometimes all you can do is walk

Derbyniodd Angela Maddock her gan ei ffôn, sef mynd i Middlesbrough.
Ddechrau mis Hydref 2018 cychwynnodd ar droed o’r oriel a threuliodd y mis yn cerdded i ogledd-ddwyrain Lloegr, drwy ei thref enedigol yng nghanolbarth Lloegr. Byddai’n dod o hyd i ddeunydd ar hyd y ffordd ac yn ei anfon yn ôl i’r oriel bob hyn a hyn, felly mae’r arddangosfa yn adrodd stori ei thaith; y dystiolaeth a gasglwyd, a ddychwelwyd ac a drawsffurfiwyd.
Llun: Trwy garedigrwydd Dafydd Williams

Tomorrow's Harvest | Tim Ellis

For his third solo exhibition at FOLD, Tim Ellis presents an exhibition comprising relief sculptures, cast busts, paintings and drawings all centred on a tented structure displaying furniture. This is the first exhibition where Ellis makes direct reference to some of the characters that inhabit his works and installations. 

Binary Code

Binary Code, the inaugural exhibition at SEAGER, brings together works by Ze Aya, Caterina Gobbi, Jake Moore and Eevi Rutanen. Binary Code highlights the human hand as it continues to shape gender identities, labour and love whilst these move amidst and through the language of 1s and 0s.


Preview: Fri 15 Feb

Sat 16 Feb – Sat 27 Apr 2019
Tues-Sat, 11am-5pm (Late night Wednesdays until 7pm)

Banger playfully borrows from the visual language of road signs and car culture, exploring the interior space of a car – where so many family dynamics are played out. Beyond the windscreen there are urban scenes clamouring with signs and instructions and rural horizons with endless of possible routes to navigate. Banger was commissioned by The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Andrew Brownsword Gallery, The Edge, University of Bath

Carry On

FOLD is pleased to present CARRY ON a group show of 25 artists.

Dominic Beattie, Olivia Bax, Simon Callery, Tim Ellis, Valerie Kolakis, Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelesen, Ellen Hyllemose, Kes Richardson, Florian Schmidt, Finbar Ward, Torgny Wilcke, Michaela Zimmer, Daryl Brown, Gary Colclough, Dominic Kennedy, Ted Larsen, Kevin Monot, Ian Monroe, Mali Morris, Anna Mossman, Marton Nemes, Oliver Perkins, Charley Peters, Nathaniel Rackowe, Michal Raz, Tom Wilmott.

The artists in this show make abstract work or have a practice that extends into abstraction.

Snow Crash

A scaffolding structure will pierce the dividing wall at IMT gallery; the partition acting as a mirror that reflects the physical diagram across the two spaces. 



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