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Beep Wales International Painting Prize 2018

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Flipside: Curated by Rosie Reed

Lotte Andersen, Saelia Aparicio, Joel Chan,
Phoebe Cummings, Laura dee Milnes, Kira Freije, Roxanne Jackson, Rebecca Jagoe, Lindsey Mendick, Kamile Ofoeme, Paloma Proudfoot & Rosie Reed

the opposite, less good, or less popular side of something

‘That’s right, they said. What you are is a woman. Possibly not human at all, certainly defective. Now be quiet while we go on telling the Story of the Ascent of Man the Hero.’

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor works with film and live performance to create absurd scenarios that explore ritualistic behaviour and obscure ceremonial practices. She uses abandoned structures in remote landscapes as found stage sets. Ancient Neolithic burial chambers and obscure towers in Wales provide surreal, displaced settings that bring a sense of post-apocalyptic degeneration.

Art Exhibition - Abstract Thoughts

Helene Forgeait is a Paris-based artist exhibiting at the Heritage and Arts Centre from 2nd - 16th July 2018.

Although speciailising in plastics Helene is a protean artist and explores themes through mixed techniques including painting, sculpture and photography.

During her exhibition Helene will be running workshops in engraving and pastel-scraping and details for participation are available by contacting the Centre on 01591 610067 or email: ldhac2016@gmail.com


SWEET | Dominic Beattie

FOLD is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Dominic Beattie, his third at the gallery. For this show Beattie presents painting, sculpture and furniture – all of which are ongoing concerns and are related by a skewed approximation of the domestic.

NOVA Cymru Art Prize

NOVA Cymru Prize: ‘Art stars of the future exhibit in the capital this May.’ The inaugural Nova exhibition will be exhibited across two venues in Cardiff from 09 to 26 May 2018

Gwobr NOVA Cymru: ‘Sêr celf y dyfodol yn arddangos yn y brifddinas ym mis Mai.’ Bydd arddangosfa sefydlu Nova yn cael ei arddangos ar draws dau leoliad yng Nghaerdydd rhwng 09 a 26 o Fai 2018

James Moore: Strange Eden @ Oriel Mwldan

James Moore’s work could be described as ‘photo realist’, because of his use of exacting techniques to mimic different materials. Yet, if you look closer, there are also blurred edges, abstracted shapes and situations that don’t make sense; all tricks and games, because to Moore, “painting has always been about fakery- about synthesising the world view into plastic space.”

Maggie Roberts | Glimmer Breach

Exhibition of new work by radical multimedia artist, collaborator and founder of 0rphan Drift/0(rphan)d(rift>), Maggie Roberts. The work explores post-human fictions and other speculative futures, drawing on the collective mechanisation of visual culture, and exploring how our engagement with images is increasingly digital and mediated through algorithms, from social media echo chambers to Google Deep Dream code. 


Everything has an armature, every idea, and every object. Once you locate the structure of something, you can start to think about it.
- Charles Ray


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