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Many of us are worried about Covid19 and how it might affect us and our families should we be unlucky enough to catch it. And, in light of this situation that the world finds itself in, many of us are already choosing to self isolate ahead of official advice to do so. Many of us are in the 'at risk' category and it is completely understandable for us to take every precaution we feel necessary at this time.

Many of you work on your own anyway, so the idea of isolation is no big deal. However, these are unprecedented times when we need to find ways of coming together as a creative community to support and encourage each other by sharing our experiences and advice.

This is a different time to 'normal' (whatever 'normal' is to our practice of making art), and it could well be a really productive and creative time. Many of you may find new ways of working, new forms of expression, even find out more about yourself. These are positive stories that, if you have somewhere to share them, might just help a fellow artist through a difficult patch or make us all laugh.

If enough of us contribute our stories of 'Art in Isolation' then we might create such a space here on Culture Colony, a positive place online for artists to get together. If you think this is a good idea then you might like to contribute a few paragraphs of your news, how you're feeling, what you're working on, how isolation is affecting you, etc. You can send photos as well, show us the work in your studio. Artists can contribute using

This is a fast moving situation changing radically on a daily basis, please feel free to send us your content, your thoughts and comments as often as you like. We will endeavour to post them as quickly as possible to create a resource and a sense of comming together at a time of physically distancing ourselves from each other.

 "Let’s make the world better through compassion, creativity and culture" - Steffan Jones Hughes, Director Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown.