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  • Thanks for reaching out to us in these strange times. Great to get your Art in Isolation email brilliant idea, I’ve been thinking of ways to bring together art communities online myself and been looking at WEBEX Teams software. 

    Zoe and I did a presentation as part of a virtual symposium organised for the MFA in Art and Social Practice, at University of the Highlands and Islands that was delivered entirely remotely. There were 30 people involved all in different locations from Italy to Canada, the Host was alone in Shetland UHI building. UHI have been working remotely for year and use a free software package called WEBEX that is designed for business and better than Skype/FaceTime. It required us to send PowerPoint and video to Roxane the course leader in advance as she had the fast UHI broadband connection and in case we got cut off. As Moderator Roxane advanced the slides for us as we requested “next slide please” and paused the presentation to switch the screen image to a students asking a questions or us speaking. It was a little clunky in term of fluid conversation but worked well, unlike Skype!

    A really useful tool for Visual - seminars, group crits, or screenings and Q&A sessions..

    Our exhibition ‘A Leap into The Dark' has closed until further notice and will be rescheduled after the peak of c-19, We will keep you posted.