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Veronica Feeling 

It is with great sadness that we report the demise of Veronica Feeling, Motorcycle Adventurer, who featured in CCQ Issue 3 and Issue 5. Feeling travelled the globe astride her giant turquoise motorcycle, armed only with an unlikely acrylic blonde wig and a spirit of derring-do.

As in life, Feeling's death is inevitably shrouded in some mystery, but the news story below gives some insight into the last few hours of this intriguing character. Early reports suggest that she has already undergone a process of transformation and may well materialise, in another form,in Berlin in the very near future. We wait with 'bated breath. If she had had any family, our thoughts would be with them now. Friends and those who met her on her travels can post condolences on Veronica's Facebook page .

Image: Veronica Feeling