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Steve Brockett, Flight Files

Artist Steve Brockett runs across open ground with a 25kg motor and a propeller spinning at full revolution on his back, a fabric and string wing above his head and camera slung around his neck, flinging himself skyward.

Brockett regularly gets airborne to capture stunning aerial images, with the aid of a motor-powered paraglider. The results are at Oriel Theatr Clwyd until 23 November.

Although many of the images are of more far-flung places (Cardiff-based Brockett lives in Spain for part of the year), he keeps returning to the landscapes of Wales and the show includes images of vehicle tracks on mountainsides in snow-bound Montgomeryshire and the winding channels of the River Dyfi estuary at low tide. But there are also pictures of deserts and strange marks in wheat fields.

For me it s an extraordinary way to get into the air having this giant fan on your back and running full-pelt until you leave the ground , Brockett explains, But more than that, when you re in the air you ve got this perfect platform to take aerial photographs, as you re not hanging out the side of a helicopter or being buffeted by the air stream. You ve got nothing below you, which gives you incredibly clear access to the shot it s a very unique way to get aerial images.

The landscapes Brockett photographs also constantly change as clouds drift across the sun.

He says:Although you can decide on areas you think might be interesting from the air, my best pictures have always been a total surprise. It s about the way the light and shadow falls on the earth. Things can be unremarkable one minute and 20 minutes later they are spectacular.

And while Brockett can be blown away by the landscapes he sees, his presence also rarely goes unnoticed.In Morocco, the reaction was incredible, he said.I would take off and land in a place and get mobbed by kids: this guy pulls up, unpacks a motor from his van, takes off and flies around how mad is that?

Steve Brockett: Flight Files runs to 23 NovemberOriel Gallery Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold CH7 1YA. Tel: 01352 756331