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Aura Dance Company, Lithuania

Chapter Arts Centre 15 October 2013 8pm

Am I the One Who I am?

Am I the one who I am? Am I something made of the rules of society or something that has grown in time as my own personal identity? Who am I? The mouse, that spins in a circle of domestic interests? A mouse, that runs looking for itscheese ? A computer mouse, which steals time? Or the office chair, evolving into a piece of art?

Amidst culturally established stereotypes and traditional gender roles, individual identity persists, constantly obeying the rules of the material world and leaving its footprints in our personality.

Choreographer Birute Letukaite uses the language of dance to enter the world of art-objects by Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel. Reflecting on personal and social image and identity, they consider technological inventions as they evolve and rapidly invade contemporary society.

The performance aims to build bridges between the individual body, society and technology, destroying the imagined line between private and public through the gaze of passers-by, passing cars, people in the bar.

  • Choreographed by: Birute Letukaite
  • Installations by: Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel
The Curio Cabinet

Mary Anning was a female fossil hunter in pre-Darwinian early 18th century Britain."The Curio Cabinet" draws inspiration from this remarkable palaeontologist, her male contemporaries, the creatures she discovered and the shifting social structures of the time.

  • Directed by Deborah Light
  • Performed by Aura company dancers
  • Costumes by Neil Davies
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