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Model for Ideology VI, Nicola Dale. Image courtesy - Mark Devereux Projects

Two new shows are appearing at Arcadecardiff over the next couple of months, both by artists working with Mark Devereux Projects.

Not so firm as faded ink is a touring exhibition by artist Nicola Dale, questioning the potential of knowledge versus the constraint of information. Dale s work visualizes the essence of what knowledge is and its transformation into information in a digital age. Highlighting the ways in which we expect knowledge to be at our fingertips in our fast-paced society, Dale reduces the pace to consider the parallels between the ways we digest knowledge now and how we did so in the past.

More room for error is a touring exhibition of new works by artist Nicola Ellis examining the physical join between objects and the space they inhabit. Ellis looks at material components that are often intentionally hidden in structures and spaces. Exposing the weld or stitch between materials and highlighting their imperfections, her work questions underlying assumptions around the functions and roles of different objects and materials in architectural space.

Mark Devereux Projects was set up in 2013 and now mentors and guides five artists who Devereux works alongside on a full-time basis. Devereux has secured funding to work on long-term projects together with the artists enabling them to fulfill many ambitions or put into practice methods of working that have not been previously realised or attempted. Mark Devereux Projects are nearing the conclusion of two major 18-month projects with Manchester-based artists Dale and Ellis. The projects have included residencies, visits by external curators, workshops and fortnightlycatch-ups ; and now a series of exhibitions and publications.

The exhibitions:

NOT SO FIRM AS FADED INK: NICOLA DALEArcadecardiff, Queens Street Arcade, CardiffLaunch: Thursday 14 May, 6-8pmExhibition: 15 - 23 May 2015Critical dialogue day & artist talk: Friday 15 May, 10am-2pm

MORE ROOM FOR ERROR: NICOLA ELLISArcadecardiff, Queens Street Arcade, CardiffLaunch: Thursday 29 May, 6-8pmExhibition: 30 May 13 June 2015Critical dialogue day & artist talk: Saturday 30 May, 10am-4pm

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Image: Model for Ideology VI, Nicola Dale. Image courtesy - Mark Devereux Projects