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Ellie Young and Amber Mottram


Two young artists from Cardiff plan to provide Wales with its first waterborne residency studio and adaptable art space.

The Boat Studio will be run by Amber Mottram and Ellie Young. Amber and Ellie aim to raise20,000 to buy an ex-rental canal boat and kit it out, there will be gigs and art sales (in March) to raise this money along with donations.

toy canal boat

Ellie and Amber say: The Boat Studio will be a working narrow boat that hosts arts residencies, exhibitions, performances and events.We want, not only, to establish a platform for contemporary art, but to invigorate and showcase all that is great and unique about canal life. The aim is to set up a not-for-profit arts residency scheme that will provide opportunities for new, emerging artists and bring more established artists into Wales. We want to give artists a truly unique experience, being aboard a narrow boat, encountering the quirks and idiosyncrasies of canal life and journeying day after day at a slow gentle pace through the beautiful welsh countryside. We think this will provide rich inspiration for making new work.

We envisage the boat to be used as a multi-disciplinary, adaptable space; a studio, a cinema, a meeting place and a platform for music and performing art and want to run residencies on board the boat over a six week period during the summer months.

The Boat Studio Postcard

You can support this ambitious project by donating here

And follow the project s progress on facebookand twitter @theboatstudio