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Bedwyr Williams, Image Shari Brambell

Caernarfon-based artist, Bedwyr Williams, who represented Wales at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013 with his solo show The Starry Messenger, is the first artist in residence for Pontio Arts & Innovation Centre in Bangor, as part of a biennial artists in residence programme for the centre, which opens this September.

Williams will be starting his project by exploring Bangor University s collections, which include 900 musical instruments, bones, fossils, animal skulls, stuffed birds and a two-headed lamb, providing a rich source of material for an artist whose work features the overlooked, the obscure and the downright absurd. The natural history collections aren't usually open to the public, except by appointment or during Bangor Science Festival.

One aim of the project is to link the university more closely to the wider public. Pontio s artistic director, Elen ap Robert, said of the appointment,We re very excited about the possibilities which could unfold with Bedwyr as he investigates the University from a whole new angle.

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