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Sluice Art Fair, London. 19 - 20 October 2013.

Sluice is an artist/curator run art fair for artist/curator run galleries and projects. The fair is staged in central London during Frieze week. Sluice is conceived of as a multifarious exhibition, embracing and building on the collaborative nature of the participating projects. The focus is on artist-led activity and for the 2013 event 37 galleries/projects are participating from the UK and beyond. Sluice Art Fair involves an open-plan and informal display policy. The weekend features a calendar of live events, talks, panel discussions, performances and workshops that are all free.

Three artist-led organisations from Wales have pooled their resources to presentA Welsh Pavilion

Goat Major Projects is working remotely with good cop bad cop via a 'baby' menhir on a plinth, exploring the sound archive of artist Travis Townson and presenting a limited giclee print edition by Ian Watson developed through a process of psychic response with Townson.

Mermaid and Monsterpresent a series of easel paintings, with each artist having a timed slot to present their work.Artists include Kiera Bennett; Yelena Popova; Neal Jones; Brendan Lancaster; Martyn Cross; Corinna Spencer; Bruce Asbestos;Aly Helyer ; Terry Greene; Nicholas Carrick; Gordon Dalton

Outcasting offers Adventures in the Other Screen Trade with artists whose work inhabits a different yet parallel world to the one described by William Goldman in his book Adventures in the Screen Trade. These artists manipulate the production values, techniques, content, sounds, cast-offs and memories of the film and television canon to make films that are rooted in the accepted language of mainstream film-making but are anything but mainstream.Artists include: Bobby Abate; Darren Banks; Tessa Garland; Katie Goodwin; Kika Nicolela; John Rowley & Ruaidhri Ryan.

After Sluice the work will then be screened in an articulated lorry converted into a mobile cinema as part of Blinc Digital Festival, Conwy, North Wales from 25 26 October.