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Caitlin performance still. Image Warren Orchard Caitlin performance still, Image: Warren Orchard



CAITLIN, based on the life of Dylan Thomas' wife and winner of Best Dance Production in Wales Theatre Awards is coming to Chapter Arts Centre, presented by Light, Ladd & Emberton



Dancers, Eddie Ladd and Gwyn Emberton tenderly depict the life of Caitlin Thomas; Dylan Thomas' wife and suffering alcoholic, through the medium of dance. CAITLIN was conceived by Eddie Ladd and commissioned by the National Library of Wales as part of 2014 centenary celebrations of Dylan Thomas birth. Directed by Deborah Light, the brutal yet tender performance traces the journey through Caitlin's struggles with addiction.



At the start of the 70s, 20 years after her husband died, Caitlin started going to Alcoholics Anonymous. The dancers powerfully touching movements document the Thomas' relationship as drawn out of the recesses of Caitlin's mind. In a circle of chairs, as though set out for an AA meeting, Caitlin makes a determined effort to deal with her tempestuous past. As Caitlin and Dylan drink, fight, love and leave each other the unoccupied chairs become part of the action in this physical and powerful duet. The audience sits in the circle with Caitlin as she re-visits her life with Dylan. Seating only 20 people, CAITLIN gives the most intimate shared glimpse into the private moments of a couple's relationship fuelled by love, addiction, jealousy and infidelity.



In clear recognition of its success, the captivating performance is set to take centre stage at Edinburgh Festival this summer, engrossing audiences across the UK.



CAITLIN will be performed at Chapter Arts Centre on 3, 5 and 6 August 2015, at 6pm and 8pm each evening; tickets are available from Chapter at12.50 each.