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'Call and Response', David Garner, the Chartists Cave (2015)O 'Call and Response', David Garner, the Chartists Cave (2015)


Creative Wales award-winner, David Garner has constructed a copper chandelier-like structure stamped with words of austerity, which hangs in the Chartists Cave in South Wales.

Talking to CCQ, Garner said: "The chandelier consists of 542 two pence coins that have text stamped into them relating to austerity. There is a linear link to the Chartist Cave, which was used to store weapons prior to the march on Newport to demand social change. 22 people were shot and killed and many arrested included their leader, John Frost. The people engraved in the penny of the time, 'Set him free' and on the reverse 'Frost', and put them back into circulation. I saw the only remaining penny in Newport Museum, which sparked the idea to make a chandelier, an object with associations with opulence. There are over 5,000 individual letters hand stamped and over a 1,000 holes drilled to make up the chandelier, taking six months to complete. The text is bilingual, making the connection with one of the Chartist leaders Zephaniah Williams, a Welsh speaker from my village of Argoed, together with my personal desire to want to use the Welsh language in my work. I invited Rhodri Davies to Respond to my Call..."

This collaborative event saw harpist and performer, Rhodri Davies construct a musical response to Garner's work, in a poignant moment in which the work's political message, Davies' reactive soundscape and the South Walian landscape itself converge.

Culture Colony Vision brings you a video of this event which you can watch on this web site