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CCQi3 cover

CCQ Magazine Issue 3 out now and it s a humdinger packed with features, interviews and our tribute to the great but sadly late Kim Fielding. For our our science and art special feature we sent Alison Stokes on a mission to find some extraordinary collaborations. Read all about it in The Appliance of Science. Simon Fenoulhet and Andrew Cooper talk about their relationship with stuff in Material Matters and poet David Oprava waxes enthusiastic about Blackheath Books, a very specialpress.

Issue 3 also has interviews with Mirza & Butler; Claire Curneen and Ingrid Murphy; James Tyson; Joyce Pensato and Neale Howells and artists' journeys with Veronica Feeling; Michal Iwanowski; Paul Gaffney; Richard Higlett; Rawley Clay and Tom Rowlands, plus reviews, lots of glorious pictures and Laura Sorvala s funny take on the creative process.

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