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Paul Emmanuel's new work for Cow Punk, his show at Arcadecardiff, considers the nature of painting and how meaning is conveyed through form, texture and the interactions between materials.

Emmanuel's creative language is informed through a process of engagement with the objects that inhabit his everyday life. Living in rural Wales, in Nantyffin, near Brecon, Emmanuel sources his media and material from what he sees and finds about him - the existing fabric of nature: the fleeces of sheep, the petals and stems of plants and the fences and gate posts that divide the land.

To this Emmanuel applies oil and chemical based pigments, transforming the source material into an art object and creating an aesthetic relationship between the artist and nature. This relationship may not be an easy one, as the work is open to chemical reaction and as unfamiliar substances are drawn together: change and chance is allowed to happen.

Cow Punk presents us with evidence of actions that exist primarily as paintings and sculpture. They are records of passing time and extracts of the fabric of the rural world. The exhibition is, as in the wordsCow andPunk , about what happens when things are brought together, questioning whether 1 + 1 ever really equals simply 2...

The exhibition comes shortly after Paul Emmanuel's recent show at Fold gallery in London, and Right Now, curated by Emmanuel, a reconvening of a group of Goldsmith's graduates who, in 1988, presented a show titled Current at Mission Gallery.

With an accompanying text by artist Richard Higlett of Goat Major Projects, Cow Punk runs from 23 July to 8 August at Arcadecardiff

An in conversation will take place in the gallery on Saturday 8 August at 4pm, free event