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On Sunday, 7 May at 8pm, we will broadcast the first of a series of live discussions we're calling Kangaroo.

Chaired by author and broadcaster Jon Gower with a panel of invited guests Kangaroo will negotiate a different topic each time. These topics will always be issues significant to the creative community.

Each broadcast will be hosted in a different venue. Our first will be at The Sustainable Studio in Cardiff, with the backdrop of ffotogallery’s - Diffusion Festival.

In the age of 'alternative facts' and 'fake news' with experts and intellectuals derided in popular media the first topic for the Kangaroo discussion will be that eternal quest for artists - The Truth. And our guests for this discussion are Rabab Ghazoul, who represented Iraq at the 2015 Venice Biennale and was one of the organisers of the artists protest march through Cardiff, Ed Thomas, producer and director of the hit TV crime drama Hinterland/Y Gwyll who is returning to writing plays for the stage with a new commission from National Theatre Wales and Edwin Burdis a multi-disciplinary artist - recipient of the Creative Wales Award and the first artist to exhibit through our new Culture Colony Interventions programme.

Viewers will be able to participate through social media. Follow our new Twitter account @CultColonyLive for news about live events and discussioins, participating artists and guests, and live updates during the broadcasts and use the #LIVETRUTHCC to take part in the first Kangaroo discussion as it is happening.

Make it a date – Sunday, 7 May at 8pm for the TRUTH