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Stephen West - Commitee Meeting 3











Oriel Mwldan, Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan



07 December 2013 25 January 2014






Stephen West describes himself as adrawyer , a term coined to describe someone making work through the medium of drawing. The works are neither realistic nor abstract but suffused with the energy and motion of the drawn line and rhythmic mark, whether in 2 dimensions or in sculpture.



The exhibition title refers to works made in 2012-2013 which fall into two main groups. Thebreath of the title refers to the respiration of trees, the inhaling of carbon dioxide and the exhalation of oxygen, which is implied in the series Llwyn On or the Ash Grove, and in the series of drawings ofassemblies where essential oxygen is consumed by the chattering personages meeting round the table in the arena of a board room or committee meeting.



Stephen West - Bwrdd Europ



In response to the recent threat of the airborne spore from Europe which kills Ash trees, West has been working on large drawings recording a year s cycle of ash trees round his home in Llangadfan. This series was also a response to recent glaucoma treatment and its consequent threat to vision prompting a desire to work from nature and seeing. The concept of placing these Ash tree works around a single room is described by the generic titleAsh Grove also recalling the mythic importance of the Ash in Welsh bardic tradition and making a link to the greatworld tree Yggdrasil of Icelandic and Nordic creation myths.



Stephen West - Ash IV






In another ongoing series of drawings West invents and describes the conflict and debate in the cockpit of committees. Many of these satirical and surreal drawings refer to Picasso s great anti-war masterpieceGuernica with its symbols of the bull, the wounded horse and distressed people and architecture. Other drawings in this group include friends round a table, news reports from Europe and West s own version of Tom Rakewell s disgrace from Hogarth s Rake s Progress (shown at this year s National Eisteddfod in Denbigh). A disruptive and threatening dog, bounding in from West s last one-person show, Love Dogs in Machynlleth, invades many of these scenes.



A short film interviewing the artist will be available at Culture Colony, www.culturecolony.com after the exhibition opening. The film will detail background information on the artist's practice, exploring conceptual ideas and practical methodology.



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