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Now that Culture Colony Vision can offer the creative sector a live broadcasting service we thought we should have a three minute countdown before each live broadcast begins. This will give an audience an indication of when the transmission will begin and how much time they have before the start of the event and it will give us at the delivery end of the live broadcast opportunity to settle down and get ready to go live.

The countdown starts at 3 minutes and it begins with a CCV test card. At two minutes to go multidisciplinary artist Edwin Burdis has created the sound scape which develops as the moment of going live approaches and he's used images from the Culture Colony Artists Archive combined with the letter 'C' from our new Culture Colony logo. Above the still from the countdown comes from the Creative Wales Award film for the theatre, opera and film director Angharad Lee who is using her award to create an opera for the deaf with sign language as its libretto.

Edwin Burdis in his studio during filming for his Creative Wales Award.

Below is the new CCV logo that Edwin has also used to create an 'end board' sequence that appears when our films finish. 

CCV's new logo 

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<p><a href="">Countdown 3.Next BC Sting 2</a> from <a href="">Culture Colony</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>