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At Culture Colony we are hatching a plan to provide new creative and documentation video services for the cultural sector as we emerge out of lockdown and start working with the 'new normal'. 

Many artists and arts organisations, whether they are painters in their studios, musicians in a band or actors on a stage, will be wondering about how to re-engage with their audiences and clients, the public who may now have restricted access to physical spaces such as galleries, museums and venues big or small. The creative sector is no different to any other part of the national economy and has been hit hard by the necessary restrictions imposed to tackle the Covid19 emergency. And just like the rest of the economy, the businesses and people that make the creative sector need to find ways to survive and build resilience into their future planning. It's unlikely that the threat posed by Covid19 will be going away any time soon.

Hollie and Dan test the possibilities of what we will be able to offer the creative sector to enable audience reach and engagement, with the important elements of interaction and participation central to the service. 

We will be publishing a list of our new services very soon, from a basic package of hosting and taking care of the technical aspects of Zoom meetings/events to full blown multi camera livestreaming events. These livestreaming events can be ticketed of course, allowing those who use this service the opportunity to realise a new revenue stream.

Culture Colony will also be announcing our 360' filming and photographing service and our drone service very soon.

If you have any live broadcasting ideas (or 360' or drone ideas) that you'd like to discuss then please get in touch - pete(at)