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Bill Callahan at Green Man 2014 - Ric Bower Bill Callahan at Green Man 2014 - Ric Bower

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, so CCQ sent Ric Bower and his camera to this year s Green Man Festival in Glan Usk in the lush and hilly Black Mountains. The sun is setting over the main stage on Sunday evening as Bill Callahan relaxes into a full fat rendition of One Fine Morning. The impossible beauty of the Brecon Beacons in the background 'bow down as Bill puts it, like a ballet of the heart. It is almost too perfect. Common festival anxieties, such as knowing that by enjoying one thing one is, by definition, failing to enjoy four or five other things, have long since dissipated into the sweetly-scented air. Even the well-heeled have gone medieval on their personal hygiene by now; stuffed to the gills with ethnic fare, rustled up by industrious hippies in giant pans, they now loosen the waistbands of their festival couture and settle in for the final evening of live music, punctuated by the occasional nocturnal stumble. The modern festival has a boho high street feel and is also unashamedly commercial; visit Forager for garments; Goan Fish Curries, Le Grande Bouche and, my personal favourite, Strumpets with Crumpets for haute cuisine. It is all ostensibly quite different, but really, so very familiar. The commodification of hippie culture is not all bad though: there is no longer an toothless old man offering to suck your big toe for 10p at this festival (a bit weird, but surprisingly pleasurable); no cries ofblack ash, black ash ; the security is so light it s fluffy and, best of all, I have not seen a single copper all weekend. Someone tried to buy some weed off me but, given the circumstances, I took it as a compliment.

Johanna from First Aid Kit - Ric Bower Johanna from First Aid Kit - Ric Bower

We all had our little epiphanies over the weekend, our little moments when the stars aligned. I can only call it how I see it and my guiltiest pleasure was First Aid Kit, sisters Johanna and Klara S derberg, the postmodern, Swedish, faux country, YouTube sensations. They are just impossibly gifted, ridiculously angelic and any latent cynicism I harboured simply wouldn t stand up in the face of it all. Johanna s blond locks seem to not be bound by the laws of gravity as she throws herself around at her keyboard and Johanna s voice has a bite that could never be manufactured. They pulled off a cover of Jack White s Love Interruption with conviction; it is clear, from the development of their own song writing skills, that their time spent with the master had not been wasted.

The Melodic - Ric Bower The Melodic - Ric Bower

Chai Wallahs' tent was an inexhaustible source of green goodness over the weekend. Mouse Outfit pulled together an improbable array of musical genres bound together by two rappers, one of whom sported the gingerest of beards. Speaking of beards, a beardless Che Guevara fronted The Melodic, a folk five piece from London, who play on Sunday afternoon at Chai Wallahs, The combined age of the band is barely 37 yet they carry a pathos, that increases that figure tenfold.

NoFit State Circus - Ric Bower NoFit State Circus - Ric Bower

NoFit State Circus occupied an acre at the bottom of site where they performed for, and engaged, with all comers over the course of the weekend. I followed four wonderful but exhausted performers round the site, photographing them as they engaged in guerrilla style, ten-second performances. The first in this series is above; we will be interviewing the artists and publishing the rest of the series of images in issue 5 of CCQ. The War on Drugs are surprisingly aptly named. The sound they create is incessant and complex and there is no escaping it. I am not normally a fan of American, mainstream rock but Adam Granduciel s melodic flourishes lack tedious frontman ego, he is just so into what he does, and so unashamedly redolent of Foreigner, Boston, Journey, Tom Petty and Lowell George.

The War on Drugs - Ric Bower The War on Drugs - Ric Bower

The Far Out stage offers performance with a little more edge. Poli a played there on Friday night their dual drummered, synth pop poundings form the backdrop for the extraordinary vocal presence of Channy Leaneagh.

Polica - Ric Bower Polica - Ric Bower

It was a crime to put Georgia Ruth on at 11am. Her razor wit and silky, confessional vocals stopped sleepy-headed, latte-bearing folk in their tracks as they wandered past. The best thing about her is that she keeps getting better. So would I come again? Well, I am already clearing my diary in August next year in readiness to drag along my extended family, friends and fellow executive professionals. Bring it on Green Man.