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Deborah Light's extraordinary performance work Hide will be at Galeri in Caernarfon on Monday 06 October at 8pm.

Fresh from British Dance Editions 2014 Deborah Light, one of Wales most distinctive choreographers, brings together a cast of three remarkable female performers. Blurring autobiography, Jo Fong (Rosas, DV8), Eddie Ladd (Volcano, Brith Gof) and Rosalind H f Brooks (Earthfall) reveal and re-invent themselves.

They form, transform and reform. We watch. Are they showing themselves? Do we see them?

HIDE delves under the skin of its creators and audience. It uses layers of movement, image, sound and text to question notions of (dis)appearance and (in)visibility?

For more tour information visitwww.galericaernarfon.com

A review of Hide appears in Issue 2 of CCQ Magazine