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Amy Sterly, Suddenly Amy Sterly, Suddenly

Oriel Davies Gallery's new shows House and Talking to Gwen open this weekend, with an evening event including artist talks by several of the artists.


The idea of house and home can conjure up feelings of warmth and shelter. A dwelling - be it cottage or shed, tent or mansion, temporary shack or permanent residence - is usually the basis of comfort and security. Conversely, a derelict or abandoned house is often associated with discomfort, unease and absence.

Felicity Warbrick, Flight Detail Titanic Felicity Warbrick, Flight Detail Titanic

This exhibition brings together six artists who use the domestic space and objects as a springboard for their ideas. Showing sculpture, installation, prints, drawings, painting and textiles, they explore the idea ofhouse in many and various guises. From Amy Sterly sspeaking house prints to miniature staircases, meticulously carved from soap by Felicity Warbrick; from Jeanette Orrell s exquisitely drawn brushes and wire whisks to Charlotte Squire s exuberant lampshade installation; from Ainsley Hillard s subtle suggestions of memory to Frances Carlile s sculpture and prints, where house merges with landscape. Together they present House, an exhibition which explores the many meanings of home.

Frances Carlile | Ainsley Hillard | Jeanette Orrell | Charlotte Squire | Amy Sterly | Felicity Warbrick

Preview: Saturday 14 November 2015, 5 - 8pm with artist talks from Amy Sterly, Frances Carlile, Charlotte Squire and Ainsley Hillard

Exhibition: 14 November 2015 - 27 January 2016


Talking to Gwen by Anna Falcini

Also opening is Talking to Gwen, exhibition of work by Anna Falcini in the TestBed space. During a residency in Aberystwyth, Anna Falcini discovered the letters of Gwen John (1876 1939), at the National Library of Wales. Written around 1915, John's draft letters record intimate, joyous, mundane scenes and the frequent struggles of John's life as an independent Welsh, female artist living in Paris.

Anna Falcini, Clippings (Page No.2, detail) 2014 Multiple Drawing Anna Falcini, Clippings (Page No.2, detail) 2014 Multiple Drawing

Falcini's response to the letters, has not only been to explore their content but also the physical materiality and archival preservation of them. She is, for example, fascinated at how the individual sheets of paper and envelopes in the Library are arranged into book form through the archival method of 'tipping in' which supports the delicate papers in a central spine.

Exhibition: 14 November 2015 - 27 January 2016