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I know you you can come with me ImageHarper/Marsh

Oriel Wrecsam - Oriel 1 Gallery

I Know You; You Can Come With Me (IKYYCCWM) is a collaborative gifting project, curated by Harper&Marsh. The project combines multi-participatory, collaborative and networking elements with gifting and public engagement - through a process of 19 artists contributing artefacts to be gifted to the public. This socially engaged project aims to develop artists networks and create opportunities for further collaboration. It engages fully with audiences in a completely new way that demystifies art and circumnavigates the commercial art world to celebrate the diverse and critically valued work of contemporary art practice.

The curators chose Wrexham as the region to host the pilot project as it is a region that contains vastly differing geographical, architectural and historical features. Both project curators are currently based in Wrexham and are strongly involved in the town s flourishing art scene, but also work in various parts of the UK with a variety of collaborators.

I Know You; You Can Come With Me runs from 07 June - 09 August 2014