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Kevin Ryan, Shaun Seizure (2014) Shaun Seizure, Kevin Ryan (2014)

As part of NORTH Contemporary, Ikon Gallery presents The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show by Midlands-based artists Kevin Ryan and Cathy Wade for the Birmingham Pavilion

The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show is an open and collaborative project for which artists are asked to reimagine, amend and distribute a customised beer mat bearing the face of Shaun Ryder; the Happy Mondays frontman; UFO believer; reality TV star and columnist.

Kevin Ryan and Cathy Wade conceived of The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show in 2014, in a pub in Digbeth. Talking of the show, Wade explained: "Sometimes you meet an image that mesmerises you with its latent oddness. We had such an encounter with a beermat made for the History Channel that advertised a television programme on UFO s presented by Shaun Ryder followed with the immortal taglineit s no hoax .

This object was so full of potential that the rest of the evening in The Spotted Dog was spent drawing on a pile of these beermats. We left with a armful of them, that were then horded in studios and individually amended. Through conversation we realised that this reworking of an existing item should unravel and find it s own language."

Thus, the two artists have put out a call for revisions on the original beermat, a collaboration which has continued to grown ever since. The resulting works will be shown at Ikon Gallery as part of NORTH Contemporary festival.

NORTH is a new contemporary art festival focusing on established and emerging artists from the north of England, delivered in partnership with Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival. Works by both regional and international artists are presented across the town of Warrington in Cheshire, in venues as varied as ex-retail units and station platforms.

The new initiative aims to showcase and develop contemporary art in the North of England whilst provoking critical debate on the future artistic production in the region. In a series of curatedpavilions , exhibitions and events, NORTH will explore the breadth and strength of talent within the region.

The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show opens at Ikon Gallery from 2 October - 31 October 2015