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A Fall Into grace flyer jackie Chettur John Norton Meet your matchmaker and embark on 'A Fall Into Grace'


Local writers and artists will be sharing their original love stories as part of an afternoon of romantic encounters across Aberdare Town Centre on Saturday 19th September 2015. Meet your matchmaker at the pop-up stall in the marketplace and embark on your own uniquely designed love story trail.


You are invited to attend one of three performances, starting at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm from a specially designed pop-up stall in Aberdare Indoor Market. From there, audience members will be directed to walk to venues across the town centre, where they can hear true and fictional love stories written and performed by local writers and artists. Places are free, but limited.

Venues include: Aberdare Market, Aberdare Library, Gwillim Florist, St Elvan's Church, Bradley's Coffee Shop, St John The Baptist's Church, Pillowtalk, Mr and Mrs Bridal Boutique, The Little Garden Shop, Servini's and the streets of Aberdare.

Artists Jackie Chettur and John Norton have developed the participatory art project and the final performances in collaboration with local writers and artists, who wrote the love stories during creative writing workshops that formed part of a wider arts project calledA Fall into Grace that has been co- produced by Jackie Chettur and not-for-profit arts organisation Addo.

A Fall into Grace is a participatory art project that embraces the notion that stories have important social dimensions and focuses on the universal theme of romantic love as a way of making visible individual and shared experience. The project has evolved from Jackie s interest in the colourful, explosive and emotional roller-coaster of falling in love.

Chettur said,I m interested in how the telling of a love story has the familiar formula of two people coming together. But woven around this common and fundamental desire to find attachment to another human being are the rich and varied details of particular lives and unique situations.

Further commenting on the project, John Norton said,A Fall Into Grace is an investigation into our collective notions of romantic love. A collection of exquisite treasures hidden in and around Aberdare: stories, written and performed by local folk. It will be a fragile, intimate and human experience.

Gail Lancaster, one of the performers said,I'm sure the performance will be both terrifying and terrific. I really am looking forward to the final performance, which brings all of the elements together and completes the circle of the project. The people that I have met on this journey have been inspiring, interesting and, most of all encouraging. While having a story of their own to tell they have all been fantastic listeners.

The love stories will also be published in an artist s book an anthology of love stories that will be launched in December 2015.

Project participants have also taken part in printmaking workshops with Jackie Chettur and artist Lucy Bateman above The Little Garden Shop in Aberdare and also at The PrintHaus in Cardiff. Look out for the prints produced by both amateur and professional printmakers; they will be distributed around Aberdare town centre on the day of the event. These printmaking workshops have referenced the printing heritage of the town. To continue this legacy, a Relief Press is being donated to the CVMAG Trust for community use following completion of the project.

'A Fall Into Grace' - a participatory art project - will take place in Aberdare Town Centre on 19 September. Make your way to the Indoor Market pop-up stall to begin your romantic encounter.