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Dance and performance veteran, Jo Fong invites you to bear witness to her acclaimed show, An Invitation...

 Helouise Godfrey. Courtesy of the artist. Jo Fong invites you to join her for 'An Invitation...' Photo: John Collingswood. Courtesy of the artist.

An Invitation needs an audience. An Invitation takes playfulness very seriously. We are creating this in this moment. What happens or doesn t happen is influenced directly by us. We play the performer, we play the audience. We are the show. Is it now? An Invitation is about connection, spontaneity, but also about uncertainty.

"Jo Fong is something of a legend on the UK contemporary dance scene" The Observer
Jo Fong's critically acclaimed performance tour recommences this January so if you missed it first time, you're in luck.

An Invitation... will tour to Cardiff, Swansea, Milford Haven, Aberystwyth, Harlech, Manchester and Findhorn for the RISE Dance Festival.

Jo Fong spoke to CCQ about her ongoing journey exploring the possibilities of this dance work:

"The work is personal yet I like to think it is universal.An Invitation... is about many things, today, I reckon its about valuing the people around us. The work constantly transforms and still I am utterly curious about how each performance is going to be received. Working on An Invitation... was one of those rare moments where you throw caution to the wind and pursue an instinct. "I was making and creating in public settings, feeling utterly exposed but there was an energy. I thought making the work was beyond me: how do you negotiate a show within a room full of people? I also thought there was a strong possibility I could fall on my face in a dramatic failure. None of the shows success would have been possible without support to explore, support to try new things, and learn about the show in real settings."
Jo Fong invites you to come and be a part of this organic and constantly developing dance performative experience.

The UK Tour of 'An Invitation...' begins in January at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and runs through to May where it will close at RISE Dance Festival in Findhorn. For full details of dates, venues and tickets prices, please see the CCQ listings page.