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 Josephine Sowdon Natural Temptation, 2014, Josephine Sowden

Oriel Mwldan hosts a solo exhibition of Josephine Sowden's work: 'A Change of Worlds'

Award-winning digital artist, Josephine Sowden (featuring in CCQ issue 1) explores the idea that masculine energy has ruled our world for the last 6000 years. She believes that this one-sided perspective has been depriving our Earth of the more caring and nurturing, feminine aspects of human nature, leading to the current day reality, fraught with violence and planetary decay.

Sowden has been investigating this masculine dominance throughout her professional career and it now culminates in a solo exhibition; 'A Change of Worlds' at Oriel Mwldan.

Several of her works explore the idea of feminine repression, the idea ofthe ego , and each s role in the current condition of mankind, characterised by environmental degradation and human melancholia.

In 2013, Sowden won the Gold Medal at the National Eisteddfod of Wales for her video The Lilies of the Field. In 'A Change of Worlds' audiences will have an opportunity to see this acclaimed film alongside brand new work by the artist.

'A Change of Worlds' runs at Oriel Mwldan from 22 August - 10 October