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Conclave (2015), Kevin Sinnott Conclave (2015), Kevin Sinnott

The Martin Tinney Gallery presents works by two international Welsh artists, Kevin Sinnott and Eurfryn Lewis

Kevin Sinnott is one of the leading Welsh artists, having exhibited in New York, London and prestigious galleries across Europe. The upcoming Autumn exhibition at Martin Tinney Gallery gives you the opportunity to see his trademark vibrant characters on canvas in Wales, on their home soil. Sinnott returned to live in Wales in 1995 and has since established himself at the forefront of the renaissance in Welsh painting, being elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy in 2007. While his work is primarily concerned with human relationships, the influence of the South Wales landscape is strongly felt in his paintings.

Steal the ball (2015), Eurfryn Lewis Steal The Ball (2015), Eurfryn Lewis


Sinnott's works are accompanied by the art of Eurfryn Lewis. In a wonderful juxtaposition with Sinnott, Lewis' works are monochromatic, wistfully executed drawings of Wales and the people who inhabit it; their loves, lives and passions. Lewis is primarily an award-winning printmaker but he uses several different techniques including charcoal drawing, oil painting and mixed media. Although there is a diversity in his work, the influence of his strong Welsh heritage is paramount; his depictions of rural Ceredigion, male voice choirs and muddy rugby players show real pride and emotion.

The exhibition will run from 16 September - 10 October 2015 at Martin Tinney Gallery; open Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm and Saturday, 10am - 5pm