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Kim Fielding at tactileBOSCH

Last week the much-loved artist/curator and co-founder of tactileBOSCH died very suddenly. His sudden and untimely death had created shock waves that have reverberated around the world, as his friends, collaborators and all of the artists and the other curators he has supported over the years absorb the news.

CCQ editor Emma Geliot has written a tribute to him on her own blog , which has been republished by Wales Arts Review and below we republish a piece written by Emma that featured in blown magazine (the forerunner to CCQ) in 2012, just as tactileBOSCH was about to close its doors for the last time after 13 years of presenting and supporting an incredible variety of exhibitions, performances, photoshoots, artists residencies, courses and very memorable parties.


Bish, Bash tactileBOSCH

Two men are arm wrestling at a small table. The loser must drink a full shot glass of vodka. They carry on until one crawls off into the bushes outside and has to be carted off to hospital.

The same men. One blindfolded pipe to his mouth, attached to an elaborate mechanism comprising of: a skin of Spanish cidre, balloons, a winch. The other paces to the end of the room, bearing an air rifle. Along the flight path of the bullet the audience suck in their stomachs as the first shot punctures a balloon and liquid pours into the mouth of the other.

A woman, naked to the waist, cadaverously thin, winds black insulation tape around her middle, makes frenzied marks on the white wall, claws her way along the floor. Hovering on our sightline, another woman, brightly dressed, jaw set with purpose, brandishes giant needles the kind used for lumbar punctures offering them to anyone who will catch her eye. She is not, as we first thought, part of the performance, but the security team are standing stock still downstairs, engaged in their own performance.

John Collingswood - Fimbulwinter at TactileBosch Citizen

Or the exposed beams drip with a Nordic forest of paper. Or there is a crucifix garnished with Family Choice biscuits. Or a black iron cot rocks a phantom child in the gloom.Or a girl sits inside a plastic bubble, inflating it with her breath. Or another girl stands on her hands outside, paint pouring down her body. Or a young man is suspended upside down, swinging, dipping his hair into buckets of paint and making marks on paper as he swings by so many that the colours merge to brown. Or a guy dressed as a New York cop ignites a chain of small explosions that draw burnt traces onto the wall. Or a man hangs from a harness, going blue. Or another man inserts fish hooks into his flesh. Or there is a room full of mirrors and poppies, reflecting a memorial of death into infinity. Or there is a beast that must be fed raw liver, his chains clanking in the darkness of a cellar. Or there is a man washing Welsh aphorisms into the dirt of the floor he must be an artist, he is wearing an artist s smock. Or there is chalk, or tar, or paint, or feathers, or blood, or leeches, or candlelight, or costumes, or masks, or nudity, or bright lights, or darkness.

And there is dancing in the cold that is chillier than the January air outside. And there is music, and beer, and wine, and cheese, and conversation, and poetry, and singing, and magic tricks. And there are the buckets of dirty rainwater to negotiate. And fashion shoots. And films.And rehearsals. And art made and displayed. Or destroyed. Or stored and forgotten.

Performance aftermath, Blowback - the ifinal show at tactileBOSCH October 2012

The artists expanded into more space I opened the annex with a karate chop to a dirty wound up sheet when no satin ribbon and ceremonial scissors could be found then contracted when the rates went up, or the rain came in too much.

And soon they will be gone and the laundry will be another development opportunity for someone. tactileBOSCH 1999-2012 RIP (or maybe not). www.tactilebosch.org



TactileBOSCH was set up by Kim Fielding and Simon Mitchell in an old Victorian laundry in 2000. Over the years it has been many things studios, location shoot, exhibition and performance space, party venue, first rung on the ladder for emerging artist. It closed with a big party on 28 October 2012. Kim went on to develop new spaces for artists around the city of Cardiff Hotel Lima at the former Wells Hotel in Riverside and interventions and temporary exhibitions in lots of other venues www.tactilebosch.org

Kim features many times on our sister site www.culturecolony.com

You can find his profile here , his videos here,and Kim talking about tactileBOSCH here