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Defender of the Faith, Richard Higlett (2015)

le degr is a collection of individual works that look at the connections and relationships between people and things. Part of the Interference Programme, where artists can show work in development, Chapter artist in residence, Richard Higlett, has made 100 prop ceramic baguettes. These are available buy in what was previously the Chapter gallery shop. While proceeds of the sales are going to a local charity for the homeless, it is part of an on-going question about the fluidity of to the role of the gallery. The Chapter handout has been printed exclusively in The Big Issue, with key pieces only described in the magazine. The gallery staff advise visitors to purchase the publication from a vendor outside the front of the building, forming a link, 'a degree' of connection themselves.

An informal event will be held on Tuesday 10 March, 7-8pm called Reception / Derbynfa. Higlett has invited artist Ivor Davies to be present. Davies met Marcel Duchamp in the 1960s. Duchamp knew Henri Matisse, who knew Claude Monet, who knew Gustave Courbet. In 1856, Courbet painted The Meeting a painting considered a starting point for Modernism.

le degr runs from 07/03/15 to 15/03/15 at Chapter Gallery, Cardiff. Gallery open 12-6pm Sat - Weds and 12-8pm Thurs + Fri. The gallery is closed on Monday www.chapter.org

There will be a gallery talk at 2pm on Saturday 14 March

Image: Defender of the Faith 1:0.63 (1of 5) Digital image depicting marks that would cover over the cracks in the surface of Malevich's Black Square 1914/15. (2015)