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'The Little Man - Y Dyn Bach' by Edwin Burdis is the first of a series of Culture Colony Interventions that will be taking place over the next few months.

From the 2nd of May until the 24th of June and from the 8th of July until the 19th of August there will be a Culture Colony Intervention in the sculpture space at MOMA Machynlleth. 

This intervention will disrupt the normal running of the gallery exhibition program with a number of unannounced and unexpected exhibitions by several leading artists working in Wales today. New and challenging works will be shown in exhibitions ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks in duration. The only way to keep up with what's happening will be to visit the gallery very often and follow developments on the new Culture Colony web site.

Burdis' work 'Little Man', a figure only a foot high wearing a blue onesie of sorts, commands the whole space. The stone walls and high ceiling could have been overpowering for such a small sculpture but the presence of Little Man fills the gallery and the first intervention successfully sets the bar for the unexpected. 

What artists might do in the space is anybody's guess. The freedom to use the space and experiment with their work is how we hope the artists taking part in these interventions will discover the unexpected. We are greatful to MOMA Machynlleth for the trust that they have placed in us to run with the Culture Colony Interventions project. 

You have a couple of weeks to see Little Man - Y Dyn Bach before the space is given over to Eli Acheson-Elmassry on the 15th of May where she will realise her sculpture in latex 'Giant Everlasting Plait' - watch this space!