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Lleisiau - Voices good cop bad cop

This land has other voices Chapter Arts Centre 08/09/10 May 2014


Cardiff, New York, New Zealand, Llaugharne (via live stream)



Coming at the Dylan Thomas 100 Festival sideways on and in their inimitable style, good cop bad cop, in partnership with Chapter, bring a series of nights of performances featuring the vocal stylings of as diverse a group of people as you could ever wish to meet. From poets (of course) to rappers, a town crier, an auctioneer, a father and daughter duo (NB: not all of these at once on the same night) amongst many others, Lleisiau celebrates the vocal traditions of Wales through the people who use their voices for a living.



The performances follow on from good cop bad cop s tour around Wales, inviting people from Bangor to Llanelli, via Wrexham and Cardiff, to come forward and offer up their skills. The exact shape of the performances remains shrouded in mystery but what is known is that there will be a specially commissioned performance streamed live from The New York City Players and poetry streamed from New Zealand.



If you can t physically attend the performances will be streamed live via Chapter s web site



Performance starts at 7.30 but early arrival is highly recommended for reasons that will become apparent



Tickets12/ 10/ 8 book here