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What's Mine Is Yours - Marion Cheung, 2014 What's Mine Is Yours - Marion Cheung, 2014

In her solo exhibition at The Riverfront, Newport, Marion Cheung's paintings examine the ways that digital technologies disconnect children from the real world in contrast to children in developing countries who often scratch a living scavenging technological detritus.

Using traditional and digital techniques, Cheung's large scale paintings open a narrative that connect children who are submerged in their own digital worlds, oblivious to their surroundings and each other, to children in developing countries as they make a living from electronic waste. Apocalyptic scenarios, inspired by the largest e-waste dump in the world in Ghana,contrast with interior settings and mysterious forests, which risk becoming ecological nightmares. The darker side to the digital revolution raises difficult questions aboutour attitudes towards electronic gadgets and the pressure to be connected at any given moment.

Where Are You? - Part of a triptych) Marion Cheung, 2014 Where Are You? - Part of a triptych) Marion Cheung, 2014

Cheung says of her work: I had no idea that a straightforward portrait project would evolve into commentary about our environment and electronic waste. I use a variety of media in my paintings: digitally designed vinyl cut stencils and broken keyboard parts are re-purposed as stencils. In the paintingToxic, the individual keys from a computer typepad are scattered instead of the alphabet, they have chemical symbols from the periodic table collaged on them to represent harmful chemicals and valuable metals which are inside mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Photocopy collage, shredded data, cardboard, metallic collage and actual e-waste is incorporated into the work.

E-Wasteland - Marion Cheung, 2014 E-Wasteland - Marion Cheung, 2014

Collaborating with Art & Design students from Bassaleg School and visitors to The Project Space, Newport where Marion held a 6-week Residency was an important part in the making of Lost Connections. Sound artist Steven George Jones from art collective BOSCH has created soundscapes to accompany the paintings which will be downloadable via www.marioncheung-artist.com.

The exhibition continues at The Riverfront until 31 January 2015 10:00am 6:00pm (closed Sundays)The Riverfront Theatre and Arts, Ground floor Gallery. Kingsway, Newport NP20 1HG. T: 01633 656757

Marion Cheung will be running children's workshops on Saturday, 24 January for 6 8 year olds between 11 1pm and 9 12 year olds at 2 4pm. Participants will learn about the collage techniques used to create 'Lost Connections'. They will also be able to apply this technique to their own art projects. Price:3 includes tuition and materials. Pre-booking is recommended. To book a place please follow this link