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Cellular Forms, by Andy Lomas

The first global prize & touring exhibition for digital art to visit London in May. The Lumen Prize Exhibition of digital art opens in The Crypt Gallery, London on May 14th. It is the only chance for Londoners to see the touring exhibition of the 2014 prize-winners which has visited Athens, New York City and Amsterdam following its opening in Cardiff, the home of the prize.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is a not-for-profit competition that celebrates the very best art created digitally. It is the only prize of its type which anyone creating art digitally can enter - rather than by invitation - and where the winning work will reach audiences on a global tour.

Work exhibited in this atmospheric space will include:

Cellular Forms by Lumen Prize Gold Award, Andy Lomas, London, UK. Lomas is a mathematician, digital artist and two-time Emmy winner who has worked on the special effects for numerous films, including Avatar and Matrix: Reloaded.

Murmur by Lumen Prize Silver Award winner, Studio Chevalvert, Paris, France.

5 Robots Named Paul, by Lumen Prize Bronze Award winner, Patrick Tresset, London, UK

Entries to the Lumen Prize are first judged by Lumen's International Selection Committee, which is comprised of academics, art writers and gallerists. The Committee selects the Lumen Online Gallery of 100 works which is open for a public vote for the People's Choice Award.

This long list is then reviewed an jury panel who choose the 25 works for the Lumen Prize Exhibition, plus the top award winners. Lumen's founder, Carla Rapoport, says: "Recognising that digital art matters is vital as the world changes around us. Anyone can enter this prize but the quality of the work is breathtaking. Experiencing the show in The Crypt says so much more about the ability of the digital age to democratise artistic creation than in reading the many column inches written about it.

Andy Lomas, current winner of The Lumen Prize, commented: "I've been struck by how much Lumen is more than just a prize. Through exhibitions, seminars and other events it opens door and provokes debate. It exposes people to the rich variety of digital work."

The works on show at The Crypt were all created on digital devices using widely-available software programmes or software creatively coded by the artist. These include animations, time-based works, 3-D sculptures, interactive pieces and works which use gaming technology or are web-based. Of the 25 works chosen for the exhibition, eight are UK-based artists and 5 are from London, including the winner of the Lumen Animate Award, Christine Hooper, and the Gold and Bronze winners.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition's 4th Call for Entries is now open. The main prize for 2015 is $3000, going to the winner of the Lumen Prize Gold. The closing date for entries is June 8 2015. For more information visit: http://lumenprize.com/prizes-2015

@lumenprize and find them on facebook.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is at The Crypt Gallery, LondonOpening Times: 12 - 6pm, May 15-16 & 19-22nd.Admission: Free

Digital Art Seminar on May 14 at 2pm in the Gallery

Image: Cellular Forms, by Andy Lomas