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Made in Roath

Various Venues all over Roath, Cardiff 17 - 24 October 2013


Made in Roath is back for its fifth festival that brings artists and the local community in which they live together in a wide array of exciting and thought-provoking ways.

On the streets, in venues that aren t usually associated with arts activity and even in artists homes, Made in Roath (MiR) is always full of surprises and celebratory moments, accessible but never dumbed-down or banal and definitely lively.

For a week Roath will be buzzing with workshops, exhibitions, events, performances, mini festivals, walks and talks. Local residents get an opportunity to meet each other and get stuck in to all that s on offer. They are joined by increasing numbers of visitors, attracted in from further afield by the sheer fizz emanating from this Cardiff suburb. Oh and there s usually excellent cake involved somewhere too.

The energy and commitment of the MiR organisers is impressive and the mission clear to demonstrate that artists are part of the community and work within it , not agents who do things with, for or to it. The net result is an audience of active participants across all sections of this very diverse area and children are always extremely welcome and in evidence everywhere (except, of course where events aren t appropriate for the very young).

So there is art on the pavements, in the churches and community spaces, hung across streets, in basements and front rooms, table tops and gallery walls; music to dance to; poetry to think to and workshops to get hands dirty. All of this created by the artists, writers, musicians who live in Roath and rope in each other and their other neighbours and friends to create a community of people doing it by and for themselves, always happy to let others join in.

Local businesses have also thrown themselves enthusiastically behind this festival; they re part of this community too, and so have other local organisations and venues, so that each year there seems to be yet another partnership forged.

If you ve picked up this programme it s likely that you ll find lots of things to pique your interest the breadth of activity is impressive there really is something for everyone in the MiR programme.