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 in Slower Motion, Richard Bowers 2014  Manuscript II: in Slower Motion, Richard Bowers 2014

As part of this year's Outcasting: Fourth Wall artist moving image festival, Richard Bowers was commissioned to make a new installation piece that combines complex film and sonic techniques. Drums suspended from wooden branches on the ceiling and on a wooden structure are rigged with lights and play/light up in response to events on screen. The film itself blends a background from a classic film, with action slowed down and overlaid with hand gestures (a combination of British Sign Language, piano fingering and dance gesture). As the hand moves gesturally the drums/lights are activated throughout the space.

 in Slower Motion, Richard Bowers 2014 Manuscript II: in Slower Motion, Richard Bowers 2014

The commission will be at O:4W's Panopticon Space on Wood Street Cardiff until 6pm Saturday October 18, where other commissions and screenings can be seen until the end of the festival (o1 Nov 2014). Here's a short clip of the work in action, courtesy of Richard Bowers.[video width="480" height="270" m4v="/sites/default/files/wp-content/2014/10/in_slower_motion_clip-iPhone.m4v"][/video]

Manuscript II: in Slower Motion is part The Velvet Lantern Series. You can see an extract of Richard's duration screening/performance for Chapter Arts Centre's Experimentica festival in 2013 here

Outcasting: Fourth Wall is part of Cardiff Contemporary, which runs until 09 November 2014 and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff Council, Cardiff Contemporary and Vale of Glamorgan Council. Venues include Panopticon (6 Wood St Cardiff), Porter's Bar, The ATRiuM, St Anne's Church (Snipe St, Roath, as part of Made in Roath), Bay Art with a rolling screening programme in Cine Truck

There are also talks and events throughout the run of the festival.

You can see the full Outcasting: Fourth Wall festival programme at www.4wfilm.org

Richard Bowers other work can be found here www.richardbowers.co.uk