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Cardiff Without Culture? Save Our Arts march

Cardiff Council is proposing to withdraw funding from many arts organisations in the city.700,000 could be cut from the arts budget, threatening the future of our vibrant contemporary culture.

The arts community have responded to the prospective budget cuts with an all-encompassing campaign with a mission to save culture in the Welsh capital: The Cardiff Without Culture? campaign has received tremendous support both locally and nationwide but now you too are presented with the opportunity to show your solidarity.

The campaign organisers invite you all to march in protest to the budget cuts on Saturday 6 February. Join us on the steps of National Museum Cardiff at 2pm to call upon the Council to cancel arts cuts and to celebrate Cardiff's rich arts scene. Bring your banners, your picket signs, and your energy. The march will end outside the Central Library.

So, ask yourself: Do you want a #CardiffWithoutCulture?

Cardiff Without Culture? Protest march

Access to culture is a basic human right. We want Cardiff Council to ensure that Cardiff is the Capital City Wales needs and deserves, and that culture remains alive in the city.

Please sign the petition to help the campaign against the huge proposed cuts to the Cardiff arts budget. Over 5,000 people have signed the petition so far but 6,000 signatures are needed to reach the target. Every signature counts so let your voice be heard by following this link:

Sign the Cardiff Without Culture? petition

Thank you. We don't want a #CardiffWithoutCulture.

Cardiff Without Culture?

The Cardiff Without Culture? March to Save Our Arts is on Saturday 6 February. Meet on the steps of National Museum Cardiff at 2pm.