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Mofo, Paul Granjon


Friday 1 - Sunday 3 November 2013

For those who were lucky enough to see Paul Granjon s robots and take part in his Dynamo Wrekshopat Arcade Cardiff last month, or for those who wish they had, here s a chance to see Granjon and some of his creations performing at the Digital Art & Performance Weekender at Watermans Galleryin London this weekend.

Cardiff-based Granjon has a developed a diminutive dancing robot called Mofo, who accompanies him as he performs. Mofo can be a bit clumsy he falls down, though he always gets back up again but is definitely the endearing face of technology as Granjon continues to explore the relationship between man and machine.

For the Watermans Digital Art & Performance Weekender, Paul Granjon joins a programme that includes: Addictive TV, dS, DMT, Pychastenia Studio and Joel Cahen, amongst other, in what promises to be a great weekend of digital art and performances.

Artists, performers, composers and technologists have been invited to present work around the building and explore directions, intersections and collaborations through performance, dance, sound, technology and more, The weekend will include interactive and immersive installations and performances, sound and dance and choreography.

For more information and to book:Waterman Gallery s website www.watermans.org.uk

Paul Granjon and Z Productions www.zprod.org